100 percent graduation.

Graduation Matters Missoula is a collaborative effort of Missoula’s families, schools and community to help every student reach high school graduation. High school graduation allows Missoula’s students to embark on exciting careers and higher education in our community and beyond. In the past three years, resources and strategies  implemented through Graduation Matters Missoula have helped Missoula County Public Schools attain a 90 percent graduation rate — the highest among double A districts in the state.  Increasing the number of students that earn a diploma will benefit the entire community and state, and result in an educated, confident generation of young Missoulians. Click here for the latest Graduation Matters Missoula news.

FAF$A Matters Missoula

This year, in partnership with Montana’s Student Assistance Foundation, GMM  trained MCPS teachers worked with students and families as “FAFSA coaches.”  Due to the outreach made possible by the FAFSA coaches, FAFSA submissions before March 1 in MCPS were up 5 percent over last year!  This means that more MCPS students and their families will be eligible for financial aid during their first year of postsecondary education. Way to go!

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